There’s a reason why the term “lights” comes before both “camera” and “action.” Without the right lighting, nothing else will work. That’s the attitude and mentality that Planet DJ Event Lighting brings to every event. As a leader in event lighting in the DC Metro area, we know how to set up your event tastefully and properly to create the mood you’re striving for and to help your event become a success.

Elegant event reception room with floral centerpieces and purple ambient lighting.

Planet DJ Event Lighting is a special event lighting company providing lighting services for weddings, corporate events, mitzvahs, banquets, parties and other special events. Our lighting specialists provide a wide range of lighting services including:

  • Décor LED Lighting
  • Up-Lighting and Accenting
  • Pin Spot Lighting
  • Tables & Centerpieces
  • Monogram lighting/Gobo

Helping you perfect your important event

Lighting isn’t your expertise. It’s ours, which is why our lighting specialists work with you to plan out and design the perfect lighting environment for your special occasion. Our team of designers and lighting technicians work in conjunction with one another, and you, to create a lighting atmosphere that complements your event.

Our goal is to make this a painless process for you. We have the equipment, skills, and experience to provide you with the most beautiful lighting services in the DC area. Whether you need a simple and subtle approach, a color scheme to match your event, or multi-faceted lighting combinations, we can design a package that works for you and your budget.

Planet DJ Event Lighting